Confidence on 1000%

wheww let's talk about how my confidence has gone up 1000%

I've been struggling with my weight for years, and I've finally come to a place where I LOVE MY BODY, and for me to say that out loud is crazy.

My wellness journey started about two or three years ago when I decided to do a 'diet' with a friend of mine during my last year of college; it was hard. I did lose weight, but I was unhappy and going about weight loss in an unhealthy way. I would starve myself, find quick fixes like hunger pills, and in the end, I hated myself and my body even more.

Last year, I decided to take a new approach to my health, and I value my body so much more. I love being active; I work out at least four times a week, I do yoga, I EAT WHATEVER I WANT, and most importantly, realizing that skinny doesn't equate to beauty. I complain about my body here and there, but I've come a long way mentally and physically, and I don't want to go back.

There's something about being happy that makes you feel like a bad b*tch. You can't tell me anything when I have new gym clothes because I will make sure everyone sees me looking great in them.

I am here to tell you:




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