Why I Chose to Bring Back Wendy Suze

I'm back and ready to share my journey

Hey Babes!

I'm Back......

Where have I been? Well, sometime around September 2020, I was going through a phase where I doubted my abilities and felt as if I had no value to put out into the world, so I decided to remove Wendy Suze.

Struggling with finding my true passion in life and being in a sort of limbo, I spent the last couple of months building my faith and figuring out what genuinely brings me happiness. As I trust God more, things started to become clear; I love fitness, beauty, anything involving wellness, and social media. In that time, I started a business Bee Social Studio, a branding and social media agency.

Backtracking to a couple of weeks ago, listening to praise and worship music on my way to work, out of nowhere, as I was singing my heart out, something told me to start my blog back up again. It was weird, and I questioned it for a bit, but on 2/25/21, I finally decided to stop procrastinating and create the site.

I am in a space where I am happy, and I love giving insight into what works for me, what makes me happy, products you should try, etc.

As this journey begins anew, let's support one another.

Hi, thanks for stopping by!

I'm Wendy, and welcome to Wendy Suze! I launched this blog to share and connect my passion for self-love, fashion, beauty, and wellness with individuals worldwide.

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