What I've Learned as a Freelancer

If you may not have known, I left corporate and agency life to work on my own. I was not too fond of corporate life structure and didn't like not having structure and communication in agency life, so I decided to become a freelancer.

Here are some things I've learned as a freelancer in public relations and social media over the past four years.

- Don't doubt your abilities: For so long, I kept comparing my work to others until I finally realized I am great at what I do, and we each have our own unique skills when it comes to a certain field.

- Put yourself out there: There are people and small businesses who need help that can't afford to pay a big retainer from an established agency or corporation.

- Be disciplined: Remember, you're your own boss, and no one is going to tell you what to do. Have a routine not to let anything slip through the crack.

-You'll have your seasons of ups and downs: Maybe one month you'll have five clients, and the next month, two. All that matters is that you don't give up.

-Build great relationships: This is the backbone of your freelancing career.

- Don't lower your rate for anyone: The fear of losing out on clients is always in my head, but I know my worth, the time I put into every project, and I realized that with the clients I work with, I am building a reliable long-time relationship and thus were also investing for great returns in future.

-Get used to working alone: You don't have an office that you go into every morning with about 10 other coworkers. My office is the couch.

I hope this helps anyone considering becoming a freelancer!

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